09:30 – 11:30

Real-world tasks for reflection and analysis- Creating case studies (Cont.)

Activity: Brainstorming 6.1- 5W + 2H 

Case Studies for reflection and analysis 

Activity: Role playing the cases 

#5. Introduce and develop the activity Brainstorming 6.1- 5W + 2H

Note: Present slides number 12 to 14


Introduce the aim of the activity

This activity aims to continue to support participants to generate, organize and write real life situations within their work place. It will be the second step in planning and writing the cases we will role playing later in the session.

Introduce the material: Pass out the Worksheet Brainstorming 6.1 – 5W + 2H


a. Participants will continue to work in the same group of 3 /4 that they formed for Brainstorming 6.1 – POW activity. 

b. Introduce 5W + 2H* as:

1 Who are the characters?

2 Where does the situation takes place?

3 What is the situation?

4 What is the beginning of the situation?

5 What happens then?


1 How does the situation end?

2 How do the characters feel?

Ask for comments or doubts, or questions

c. Give time for work group. While participants are in small groups, you should act as a facilitator, moving from group to group. Doing so allows you to ensure that all of its members are actively participating and learning and you are sure that the goal of the activity is being followed. Participants should decide about their roles in the situation that will be role played.

Reference: Harris et al. (2008). 

Adaptation for online session: If you are using Zoom you may need to split your participants in separate room (breakout-rooms). If you need any instruction about how to do it check:  https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206476313-Managing-Breakout-Rooms


10:15 – 10:45

#6. Introduce the Activity: Role playing cases. In the end ask for comments, doubts, or questions

Note: Present slides number 16 and 17


Participants are asked to practice their knowledge about ASD in a simulated real life situation written by them. Let the participants decide the order by the which each group presents the real life situation. Take notes about each group performance for feedback, analysis and discuss about what went on during the role playing, and to do a summary as wrap up of this module. You may consider the following topics, among others:

Goal, content, adequacy of the situation;Clear up possible misunderstandings/provide appreciation of the work developed;Summary of the skills that were develop as a result of each role playing;How can the results of the situation can be generalized to other contexts; How does it can be linked to future learning.  

These are useful resources for you as the trainer to feel familiar with role play (if needed):

Role Play:  https://ablconnect.harvard.edu/role-play-research

Role Play Booklet:  https://pdst.ie/sites/default/files/Role%20Play%20Booklet.pdf