State-of-the-Art Report

The State-of-the-Art Report is a comprehensive written scientific document which is based on all preparatory analyses and is completed with many intensive further desk research and quantitative as well as qualitative analyses in a mixed methods design which will be done by all project partners together.

Training Course

Curriculum – Teaching and Training Material is one of the main results of the whole project in terms of contents and knowledge transfer in all further trainings. It bases on the results of the State of-the-Art Report and all its different parts/activities will be developed by the whole consortium together.


The first part and result is the Curriculum for the training course “autism officer”. It will be a written text-file and available in English only. The structure will follow and combine international standards in modern andragogy, vocational education and training and special education to ensure that the training course “autism officer” can and will be held in the same quality in all over Europe after the end of the project.

Teaching and Training Material:

One of the project´s core parts will be the development of teaching and training material for implementing and conducting the trainings “autism officer”. In contrast to other existing material in autism training, this result will have a holistic view on training non-professionals. This holistic view will be realised in combining different didactical settings, different media, the advantages of blended learning and the contents that can be taught in courses for all professions.


As a concrete “physical” outcome a short training handbook will be developed in the following languages: English, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and German. This handbook will be developed in a way, that it can be used for training non-professionals in dealing with autistic people at all ages. The training handbook will consist of a general part on autism and a specific part with different exercises, learning boxes, advices and further detailed information.