09:00 – 09:30

Aim, Contents, Learning outcomes


Activity 1: Reflection of the previous modules

#1. Welcome participants, introduce the aim, contents and the learning outcomes of this module

Note: Present slides number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8



This seventh module aims to reflect and develop accommodations that may be needed to accomplish in the working place of the participants. Finally, the participants‘ case studies are presented and discussed.


  • Reflection and design of accommodations
  • Presentation of the case study that was developed by the participants with accommodations for their specific service

Learning Outcomes

  • To summarize and reflect the content of the previous modules
  • To develop useful accommodations for the different services of the participants
  • To create a concrete plan for implementation for every participant

#2. Plan with participants break times comfortably throughout the module and about instruction adaptations, if needed

Note: Present slides number 9 and 10


Present the overview schedule of the session and suggest a 30 minutes break or two breaks of 10 minutes each. Let the group decide. 


#3. Introduce and develop the Activity 1:
Reflection of the previous modules

Note: Present slide number 11


Introduce the Aim of the activity

This activity aims to summarize and reflect the contents and methods of the previous modules. To make it easier to remember, worksheet 1 presents the headlines of the modules 1 to 6. 

Introduce the material: Pass out the Activity Worksheet 1 „Reflections of the previous modules“


Tell the participants to think about what they have learned so far and write down keywords. In a next step they should highlight those who were most important to them personally. Finally, the participants should reflect what content/methods/… they already use in their work and write down what they are already doing and what effects they could observe. After about 8 minutes form small groups of 3-4 people and let them discuss/compare the notes. Create an overview of the content/methods by writing them on moderation cards and cluster them according to the different services of the participants.